The Launch of ELITE by Sapna Weddings

At Sapna Weddings we continuously strive to stay ahead of the curve, set trends and bring new and excited ideas to the South Asian Wedding Industry.  Over several years of hard work, we have established ourselves as the industry leader and most sought after South Asian wedding planning company in Canada.

The birth of Sapna Weddings was based on an observation of an obvious need in the South Asian market.  Our weddings span several days, are rich in culture and customs and typically consist of 500+ guests – how could there not be a service dedicated to helping make this process easier?

We are now very proud to announce the launch of ELITE by Sapna Weddings.  ELITE offers a very high end level of service that truly plans the entire wedding and pre wedding functions for the couple and their families.  By eliminating all of the legwork involved in planning a wedding, ELITE is an option for couples who live far away from the city they are marrying in, have extremely busy work or school schedules or are looking for luxurious full service wedding production.

ELITE strives to create an experience that can allow for a bride to “just show up” at the wedding and not worry about creating invitation labels, putting together guest favours, taking care of out of town guest needs, etc.  Having luxurious service doesn’t mean you need to have a luxurious wedding, ELITE is designed to appeal to all types of brides with all different types of visions (or no vision at all!) – whether it’s a dream wedding at the Four Seasons or a fun and intimate affair with your closest friends and family, we are for every type of bride needing the ultimate level of wedding support.

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