Sapna Weddings featured in the Globe & Mail

We were honoured to be featured on the front page of the Life section in the Globe and Mail on July 5 2012.  The Globe and Mail is Canada’s largest National Newspaper and often gets circulated internationally for Canadian news.

We had been contacted late the week before about the interest in doing an article and cultural wedding planners and naturally, when considering an Indian wedding planner, we were the only ones the Globe was going to speak to since our reputation and online presence is so strong.  We interviewed on the phone for about 45mins and shared details of our role and support for Indian couples looking for help planning their wedding.  We were also happy to provide references for the reporter to connect with regarding South Asian wedding planners and Sapna Weddings in particular.

I want to thank everyone who helped contribute to the article, Dave Abreu for his amazing photography, Archna Gupta and Deepti Aurora for their openness to interview and one of our past clients Sonal and Bhav whose photo was featured.  Special thanks to Tamara Baluja, reporter at the Globe and Mail for reaching out!

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