The Honeymoon Registry – Something to Consider?

Lately I have my clients who are getting married next year ask me about a Honeymoon Registry.  Is it something they should consider?  What are the options available?  Is it better than a typical gift registry?

We did a lot of digging to come up with our thoughts on the concept and what some of the most popular options had to offer:

1. What is a honeymoon registry (HR)?

A HR is where couples can ask for their guests to contribute to elements of their honeymoon like dinner on the beach, couples massage, suite upgrade, flight, etc

2. Why should we consider a HR?

HR’s are considered more often nowadays since couples most likely have a lot of the items commonly asked for in a traditional registry since more and more young adults live away from home before marriage – do you really need another set of towels??

3. Where can we sign up for a HR?

Mostly found online, sites like,,, are all options.  Be careful!  Some sites have a fee associated with them for either you or your guest (that’s tacky!)

4. Our thoughts:

  • It seems as though if you go this route you have to have an idea of where you are booking your honeymoon to make the gifts you request make sense.  For example, I saw some ppl requested dinner for two at a high end restaurant, you would need to have that info in advance.  As well if you want to use a registry associated with a hotel chain like Sandals or Starwood, you would have to have your destination selected in advance of creating the registry
  • It may be tough to come up with enough items for a 500+ person guest list.  Again, a popular request was for a donation for a couples massage or champagne in bed, etc, but I’m thinking, do you really want to request that from your parent’s friends?  Isn’t it awkward?

5. Our top choice

I’m still not sure I’m convinced of the idea but if I had to select one option, I would say that Flight Centre is your best bet.  It has no fees and contributions made by your guests are put onto a Flight Centre gift card that you can use towards your honeymoon or any other booking.  This seems like the most flexible option since you don’t really have to make any major decisions before signing up and you can always use money towards a trip 🙂

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