Colour Trends 2012 – a la Sapna Weddings

So one of my current passions is working on colour themes for my 2012 brides.  I have been entrenched on picking the perfect colour palatte for each one and so I have been inspired to write a blog about it.  Purple is still the most popular colour for Indian weddings, but I have so been there and done that, same with damask – enough already! (don’t kill me, my 2012’ers that are using purple and damask :))

How about we go outside the typical Indian wedding colours and surprise out guests with something different?   Below are some my FAVE colour trends for 2012 – and they are only trends because we are going to make them trends!

NOTE: The colour combos below are a mix of what I have seen in the past and my own creative eye.  I wrote out this entire post and then decided to add pics to help you visualize.  Pics are pulled from various websites, enjoy!

1. Taupe / Blush Pink / Pearl – on the softer side of things, super elegant and understated.  Picture taupe table cloths, pearl napkins on mirrored charger plates with white and shades of light pink flowers for the centre

2. Mustard / Grey / White – a little bolder and more gender neutral, perfect for a fall wedding.  I envision grey table cloths, white napkins, mustard flowers made from wool mixed with white fresh flowers, custom table numbers with white background, grey fancy order and mustard numbering.  Now let’s say Mustard is just not your taste and you are having a hard time finding things that match – easily replace with red and you have a STUNNING colour combination and tons of options for flowers 🙂

3. Teal / Orange / White – very fresh and it pops!  Look for white chiavari chairs, white table cloths, teal napkins and orange flowers in a teal vessel, super summery!  Feel free to sub the orange with yellow or coral

I could go on forever, I haven’t even touched on olive, dusty gold or mauve (not together of course!).  Ok so now a twist to some of our traditional Indian reception colours but playing with how much you use and adding non-customary colours to the mix:

1. Plum / Chartreuse Green / Gold – still giving you the regal feel of the rich tones, add the green to break things up.  Absolute love green spider mums and button mums for the green.  Also cymbidium orchids are gorgeous.  Don’t be afraid to use the green as a table cloth colour for your family tables with purple napkins and gold charger plates.  Now I couldn’t find a true “plum” for the pics, but this will be a good start.  Plum would be closer to a purple/fuchsia tone.

2. Navy Blue / Fuchsia / Light Pink / Cream – use more of the blue and creme with the fuchsia as your tertiary colour and shades of pink flowers for your centrepiece.    Cream table cloths, navy napkins – too light?  Flip the combo.

3. Purple / Pewter / Dusty Aqua –  Picture dark linens (purple or pewter), dusty aqua napkins on silver or glass charger plates witha silver border, multiple shades of blue and purple orchids for the centre piece.


That’s it for now – I promise to write more posts this winter – it takes like 4 hours to put this stuff together 🙂


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