Can you really be a hand’s off bride?

The answer is yes, just ask our bride Monica who lived in Vancouver but had her reception in Toronto.

Being in a different city but having a wedding reception here in Toronto meant that Monica had to trust someone else to pull together the biggest party of her life.  Sunil lived in Toronto but his busy work schedule made is super difficult to do things on his own – enter Sapna Weddings.

We first met with Sunil and his parents to get an idea of their expectations and budget.  This way we could recommend the best options for them to consider and save them tons of time from researching things on their own.  We then proceeded to help book their venue, find their vendors and work out all of their logistics.  Monica and Sunil had their say throughout the process but there was definitely one key factor that made all of this possible – they trusted us.

We would often send emails with my recommendations and Sunil and Monica would reply with “whatever you think works best”.  Music to our ears!  Everyone wins: the client doesn’t have to do the work, we get to inject our experience and expertise into making the best decision and the final product is the best that it can be.

The last time we met with Monica and Sunil before the reception, Monica said “I don’t think I did a thing for this reception” and the ultimate gratification was when she gave me a big hug at the end of it all and told me it was absolutely perfect and everything she had expected – yay!

Our Favourite Moment:

Monica and Sunil opting for a huge ice cream sundae instead of a wedding cake and while “cutting the ice cream”, Monica not wanting to stop trying all of the flavours before opening up the dancefloor 🙂

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