A Bond Themed Wedding

In celebration of and to continue the hype about the latest Bond flick “Skyfall”, I’ve been inspired to write a post about how to create a classy James Bond themed wedding!

007 ways to Bond-up your wedding:

1. Rent an Aston Martin as your car for the day – you won’t find this at any typical limo company so look into an Exotic Car rental place.  In Toronto you are looking at about $1500 for the weekend + insurance

2. Have a Bond-themed E-shoot – hit up a private airport to get some runway shots or 1 King West to get pics in their bank vault.  Bring 3-4 outfits to change into for each of you and then print out your best pics to create a museum-type gallery in the lobby of your reception venue

3. Serve martinis during cocktails of course!  Vodka martinis with olives would be best if that’s too hard core for your crowd, substitue with a polar bear or clear chocolate martini

4. Speaking of martinis, consider an ice luge in the shape of a gun to be at the bar or a focal point in the lobby.  This is where guests can pour shots down the ice luge and create some fun shots 🙂

5. Live string orchestra – a great way to class up your cocktails or dinner hour, hire a string quartet to play some ambient music and hopefully some Bond movie theme songs.  Maybe Skyfall as your first dance song?

6. Rent a photobooth for your guests to have some fun posing like their favourite Bond characters.  Complete the idea with props likes guns, bow ties, blonde wigs, fake cats, etc for them to dress up in

7. Consider some iconic Bond colour schemes

a. Dark Blue, Black, Sharp White – Dark blue table cloths, black charger plates, white napkins, white floral centrepieces

b. Black, White, Red – Black table cloths, dark red charger plates, white chair covers, black napkins, red floral centrepieces (in giant martini glasses!)

c. Black, Gold – Black table cloths, gold charger plates, black chair covers, black napkins, gold vase with black and white flowers

Ok so if you are feeling super ambitious, maybe borrow some ideas from this 20-something millionaire that had the ultimate Bond inspired wedding!  – http://www.vanityfair.com/online/oscars/2012/10/james-bond-themed-wedding

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