Robin & Ripu – Sept 6, 2009

This event was as complicated as a concert at the ACC!  Ripu & Robin had a big dream and we worked on it for almost a year with them to plan out a flawless wedding reception.  I am going to admit, we were nervous for this one – 800 people, no assigned seating and a very complex audio/video schedule – yikes!  When we first met Ripu & Robin they were sure they only needed help at their wedding reception.  As time passed we were more than happy to give advice and solve problems for a few of their other events – Mayan, Sangeet, Chunni and the actual Wedding day.  One thing you will always get with Sapna Weddings: priceless experience.  With weddings almost every weekend, we pick up tips and tricks along the way and share our invaluable information with all of our clients.  We know the common problems that can occur and work to avoid them or help eliminate them.  We used this experience to help organize and execute one of our best events of the year.

Choosing Paramount for their reception, both Robin & Ripu also invested in the hall’s state of the art lighting system.  We planned a very detailed lighting schedule which had the tables changing colours and highlighting the gorgeous centrepieces all night long.  Because of the complexity of the event, we had to have the DJ, lighting techs, MC and video techs all in sync right in the thick of the reception programme.  Of course no event is without it’s surprises, our performers were 30 secs away from being introduced and no where to be seen as they were getting ready in the bridal suite.  We subtly swept across the side of the dance floor and signalled the MC of the change in schedule, mouthing “skip the performers” and our MC got the message to quickly introduce the next speech.  In the meantime we hustled the performers out of the suite and set them up to enter from the side of the dance floor then made a dash back to the A/V booth to advise them of the change.  We are happy to say that was the only hiccup of the evening and when we told Ripu & Robin what had happened they told us they had no idea!

Our best compliment is a glowing bride & groom, see one of our favourites tell you how they felt.

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