Amitoj & Sundeep – Jan 23, 2010

Happy belated new year everyone.  With our first wedding of 2010 in the books, I thought I’d take this opportunity to share the experience with our loyal readers!  The event happened on Saturday January 23rd at Versailles Convention Centre in Mississauga.  The groom, Sundeep, and his bride, Amitoj, were to be married in a beautiful, traditional Sikh ceremony in India and wanted to celebrate with their friends and family here in Canada who couldn’t attend the wedding.

Sundeep contacted us in mid November 2009.  He had just booked his venue and realized he needed help pulling together the reception as Amitoj was in India for the months leading up to the wedding.  We needed to pull everything together in about 8 weeks (4 of which he was going to be in India).  After quickly meeting with him, he explained that we needed to organize a reception for about 300 of his closest friends and family and needed help on where to start and who to hire.

We quickly started working diligently on securing the top vendors for the reception.  After determining Sundeep’s style and budget, we recommended the best vendors for him and organized meetings within 2 weeks, to visit all of the chosen vendors.  In that time frame we were able to secure a couture photographer, a top decorator with matching cake (beautiful by the way), a cinematic videographer, the best wedding DJ out there, and a bhangra team that could get any crowd on their feet.

With all of this taken care of, Sundeep went to India in mid December to get married.  In the meantime we finalized the schedule for the day and made sure all of the vendors were aware of what they had to do on the reception day.  Once Sundeep returned with his new wife, it was just a matter of finalizing the final few details and we were ready to go!

On the day of the reception, we arrived early in true Sapna Weddings fashion to start the preparation, unfortunately the hall was not as well prepared as we were.  Although we had reviewed the times and schedule with them the week before, the service staff did not arrive until 5:45pm with guests expected to arrive at 6:00pm!  We did our best to literally fill in for the staff – numbering the tables and putting the glasses down however the banquet hall lacked the people required to get everything ready on time.  Luckily, with lots of pushing, we were only 15mins behind schedule, but it was a disappointing start.  We didn’t know it at the time but we had one more obstacle to go before we could get the programme started…


Ok so family/friend performances are great, but can lead to logistical nightmares on the wedding day.  We always stress to the performers to get us the music in mp3 format the week of the wedding – this helps reduce or eliminate the chance for technical error.  It is also important that the performers SHOW UP ON TIME.  If the family or friends that are performing are not there when it’s time to start the programme, the performance gets taken out of the schedule and the show must go on.

So anyway, you can see where this is going, the family performers were 30mins late but the family wanted to wait for their arrival before we started.  We will always suggest what to do based on our experience, but in the end, the client’s wishes are always met.  When the performer arrived, she gave us the CD, we went to have it tested and it didn’t work!  After all of that waiting, we were not able to do the performance anyway, it was really disappointing.

The rest of the night was as easy as pie but let’s hope you readers learn something from this and take our advice!  See what Sundeep and Amitoj had to say about us here

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