Tameeza & Nabil – June 5, 2010

A classy affair!  Tameeza and Nabil decided to go stylish and classic with a very cool look in a very cool venue.  We love working at Paramount, with their amazing service and high tech lighting, it’s a perfect place to host a first class reception.

As the guests arrived, they were wowed by the amazing lighting effects and the grand setup.  Not the typical Indian wedding reception, the colour scheme was black, white and Tiffany Blue.  Large centrepieces with ostretch feathers were light up with blue lights and the backdrop was a mix of black & white damask pattern, diamond shimmer and an ultra glam look.

As the dinner was being served in a sit down style, when we had arrived early one of the things we did was to review the evening with the head waitress.  Whenever you have a sit down dinner with multiple courses, it’s super important to work with the staff onsite to coordinate the evening.  When they should serve and when they should clear the empty dishes are small things that have a huge impact on the event.  You don’t want servers to interupt the programme by making noise during a speech or a critical part of the evening.  We worked very closely with the hall to ensue minimal disruption during the night.

As guests were getting settled, we got a call from the groom – Tameeza’s zipper on her dress had broke and they were still at the hotel, running late.  We worked onsite to minimize the disruption to the guests and keep the parents informed of what was going on.  The bars were kept open, the antipasto extended and the slideshow continued to run to keep things going.  As soon as the bride and groom arrived with their bridal party, we jumped right into the entrances to get the show back on track!

With the late start it was hard to catch up to get back on track but the DJ did a great job filling up the dancefloor as soon as the dancing started and the ever changing lighting kept things interesting.

Thanks guys for having us involved – we loved every minute of it!

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