Ravi & Naadiya’s Wedding Jam – May 24, 2009

Ravi & Naadiya had only one request when we began working together: “We just want to get the party started early and for our guests to have a great time!”  At that request, we planned an event where the dancing began at 7:30pm – something pretty much unheard of at most Indian weddings.  We also suggested a fantastic group performance that pretty much guaranteed to get everyone on the dancefloor to help get things started and it worked. 

A morning ceremony at Payal and a reception at Versailles, but no wedding day is without it’s hitches, here are some tips on how to avoid mix ups:

What Went Wrong

How to Fix It

The hall almost brought out some of the wrong dishes Have someone there early to review the menu with the hall and give them enough time to make any changes
Mother of the Groom was late! Create a comprehensive emergency contact list to be able to get a hold of key family members or vendors that aren’t there on time to when they will be arriving and adjust the programme accordingly
The reception hall was not prepared for the decorator to begin set up on time Find a space somewhere else in the hall to have the decorator get started on something like assembling the centrepieces until the main hall is prepped
The table setup was 31 seats short – that means 31 guests with nowhere to sit – YIKES! Get someone there early to check the table numbers and seating charts so that they can make the adjustments before the guests arrive
The MC was very nervous Review the programme thoroughly with your MC BEFORE the wedding day.  On the wedding day, have someone in constant contact with the MC to help keep them on track, advise them of timings and give them some good advice

We are glad that both Ravi & Naadiya were happy with their wedding day, here is some feedback from them: http://www.facebook.com/video/?oid=7096184764#/group.php?gid=7096184764

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