Rachel & Kamal – Oct 10, 2009

Rachel & Kamal had an intimate affair at The Garden Banquet & Convention Centre.  With 160 guests, only the closest and most important individuals in their lives made the guest list.  When we first met Rachel & Kamal, both were really worried how they were going to make a culturally mixed wedding work, with so many expectations from the families, they both wanted to ensure everyone was happy.  Rachel, a self proclaimed stress ball :), wanted everything to be perfect but we were also working on a tight budget.

We started by working on finding the venue for the big day.  Rachel and Kamal fell in love with The Garden but the price tag was high.  We worked really hard with the hall to negotiate the number that we could all work with.  We were able to negotiate a price per person that saved them $2440.  The next most important thing was to find vendors that would give our couple a great deal.  We sourced and negotiated contracts for photo, decor and floral, getting everything else done in less than $3000.

As the wedding day approached, Rachel and Kamal began to feel that there was no reason to stress out.  We had put all of their vendors in place for a great price and had put together a detailed wedding day schedule; everything was in place.  We met the week of the wedding to collect everything that needed to be brought to the ceremony and reception and the couple was left to relax and enjoy the company of family and friends.

At the wedding, we arrived 2 hours before our 5pm start time but were surprised to hear that guests had been told to arrive at 4pm!  With quite a bit to do in such a short time frame, we alerted all of the vendors of the time change and worked with the hall to quickly set up for the ceremony.   As the lobby began to fill up, we had the hall staff go around passing drinks and setting up additional chairs in the lobby for guests to sit.  We pushed hard and as soon as the ceremony hall was ready, guests were ushered in for the start.  There was only one problem – no ceremony officiate!  Our offciate was more than 30mins late and arrived quite frazzled.  He had not prepared anything and had even lost sight of the order of events.  We jotted down some notes for him (including the full names of the bride & groom!) and give him a quick update on how the ceremony should run – I know, ironic!

It was a quick ceremony, only 25mins, and when it was complete, the bride & groom exited the hall to a shower of rose petals and had some time to take pictures as the guests enjoyed hors d’oeuvres in the lobby.  We went through the set up for the reception, which looked gorgeous – can you really find a backdrop like this for only $800?  We can :).  Our decorator went above and beyond to create this beautiful event.  Combined with simple centrepieces costing only $10 each, we were able to create a beautiful and elegant room – everyone loved it!

The evening programme took quite a bit of coordination, 4 family performances and a surprise performance by the groom who ABSOLUTELY killed it!  Kamal, HUGE shout outs to you, you are one amazing emcee!!  We loved the intimacy of this event, a very close family coming together to celebrate with each other.

Rachel and Kamal have promised to write us a fab testimonial on facebook when they return from their honeymoon, in the meantime, check out their pics.

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