Paramount Convention Centre – Sept 5, 2009

As some of you will know, Sapna Weddings had a 3 wedding weekend extravaganza beginning on Saturday Sept 5.  For my first wedding, I will focus on something I feel most brides and grooms to be don’t really know much about and that is the importance of LIGHTING.

There are several different types of lighting options you can consider for your wedding, the most basic type that can be done at any venue is design lighting and LED up lighting.  Design lighting can be provided by your decorator where patterned stencils are added to coloured or white lights and projected on the dancefloor, walls or ceiling.  One of our favourite lighting options is LED up lighting.  These multi coloured spotlights are lined up around the perimeter of the room and can change the look of the entire hall.  Choose from a variety of colours from the rainbow to compliment your overall colour theme.

The second level up is table pin spot lighting.  Pin spot lighting can be rented from an outside vendor or from the hall itself.  Usually white lights, they focus on the centrepiece on each individual table and add a touch of class to the event.  What better way to show off your stunning centrepiece then lighting it up for all to see!

The most impressive lighting option is only available at certain venues, these lights are built directly into the ceiling and can be focused anywhere in the room.  For our Sept 5 event, our hall Paramount offered lots of lighting options, from full table lighting, pin lighting and table rim lighting to wall washes and dance lighting, we created a lighting agenda to run alongside our event agenda!  Every entrance, dinner course and presentation was complimented with changing light colours.  The guests were wowed and the wedding reception was like none other they had ever seen.

Don’t underestimate the importance of lighting at your event.  Whether you want the full show or want to create a romantic atmosphere with more suttle options, take the time to work lighting into your budget, you’ll be glad you did.

Take a look at some of our pics from the wedding and see how lighting made all the difference!  I’ve also put up some of the other details we worked on to make this a very classy affair.  A wish tree where guests could write out their best wishes to the couple and hang them on branches and mint tin table seating cards that doubled as bombonieres.  Enjoy!

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