Karim’s Pitee Ceremony – May 9, 2009

After months of planning, the big day finally arrived!  Our first wedding ceremony of the season and we had a blast!  Karim and his family hired Sapna Weddings to plan and coordinate their ENTIRE wedding event.  We found their venue (La Suhaag), all of their vendors and saved them thousands of dollars – $3410 to be exact 🙂

5pm –  we arrive at the hall, two hours before the first guest was to arrive.  What was our first step?  Make sure the tables have been numbered correctly, the right number of chairs are on each table.  Nothing is worse for your guests then not having a place to sit when they arrive.  We check the floor plan and make sure everything is where it needs to be

5:20pm – we off load and set up all of things we brought to help the family – ceremonial props, candles, table seating cards, etc.  Now they don’t have to worry about a thing, everything will be ready before they even get to the hall!

5:50pm – we review each vendor contract one by one – is the decor set up as expected?  the DJ and his speakers/lighting?  centrepieces?  how about all of the cables and extension cords, are they taped down?  it is our job to make sure no detail is missed and all contracts are fufilled

6:00pm – we get word from the family that we need 4 extra chairs.  they are stressing out!  not to worry, we have a copy of the seating plan and can find tables to accomodate the guests, leave it to us.  we coordinate with the hall, adjust the floorplan and the notes at the recieving table, all taken care of

6:30pm – 30 mins till the guests arrive.  we make sure the kitchen is ready to serve the appetizers, we start to light the candles on each table, make sure the receiving table is set up in the lobby and lights are dimmed.

7:00pm – the first guests arrive, inside the hall we are checking all the final details, doors are scheduled to open at 7:30pm…

7:20pm – OH NO!  the lights to the backdrop aren’t turning on, people are anxiously waiting outside and we can’t open the doors until the lights are up and running.  we call the decorator, she had left them unplugged but all of the plugs near the stage are being used – we need extension cords and fast!  the DJ doesn’t have any and the videographer’s is too short.  I run to the back and talk to the hall manager, he helps us out quickly and gets us 2 more.  Both the DJ and videographer are fantastic and help run all of the new wires while we manage the guests out front.

7:40pm – lights are working and we open the doors to the hall.  What was the family doing during this time?  Greeting guests and enjoying themselves outside while we completed everything…

The rest of the night:

– we pay the vendors and get them to sign they received payment

– we organize any and all aspects of the ceremonies, including gathering the right family members, having all of the ceremonial props ready to go and keeping the program moving foward

– we make sure the hall is ready to serve dinner before we que the MC and let me know he can make the annoucment soon

– we had technical difficulties with the performer’s CD, our DJ is good enough to mix in his own tracks but the performer gets confused and doesn’t finish her performance.  Even after checking to make sure the CD was working, we still had a problem.  We called her boss and sort out that there must be another performance, the family is very disappointed.  We pick another song from the DJ’s collection and the performer is back in the middle of the dancefloor to perform.  New lesson learned: HAVE THE PERFORMER EMAIL THEIR SONG TRACK(S) TO THE DJ ONE WEEK IN ADVANCE SO THEIR IS NO CHANCE OF SKIPPING OR DISC ERROR

– it’s so helpful to have someone there who can take care of all of these things so that the program moves forward

Without getting into too much more detail, check out a video testimonial from the groom to be and his brother on our facebook site: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/group.php?gid=7096184764&ref=ts.

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