The Wedding With No Head Table

Natasha and Puneet knew right from the beginning, their wedding wasn’t about them, it was about their families hosting a huge party for everyone they knew. The very low key couple only had one request – they didn’t want to be the centre of attention on their wedding day 🙂

So how do we make their reception about everything but them? It was all about the food and the music with no head table and no bride and groom official entrance.

Creating a marche style concept, there were 8 food stations distributed throughout the room, each one offering a different type of international cuisine to tempt the palette. An Southeast Asian station with items like mango salad, Thai veggie curry and noodles; a live pasta station; a South Indian station with idli, sambar and dosas and of course the staple Punjabi station, with Tawa veggies, saag paneer and mutton pepper fry to name a few.

The food was a huge hit and with the 600 guests as the station concept helping to eleviate long lines and offered a large menu selection

We needed a focal point in the room – something to drawn in everyone’s attention. Usually it’s the head table or a love seat on the stage for the bride and groom but Natasha and Puneet didn’t want to sit on the stage so we needed something else. So a band was hired – a world renowned Qwaali group to perform throughout the night. When their set was over the DJ took over and absolutely filled the dance floor with some old school bollywood tunes like “My Name is Lakhan” ( and “Muqabala” (

As always my fav thing to highlight, Natasha wanted something elegant and simple with a focus on the table decor. Minimal flowers but a cluster of items at the centre of the table highlighted with the pin spot lights from above looked gorgeous…

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