Smitha & Jesse – May 26, 2012

Memorial Day long weekend in the US and we head out to Rochester to execute one of our most exciting weddings of the year.  We knew right from the start this wedding was going to be amazing – an incredible couple, fantastic vendors and a great venue – the perfect wedding cocktail 🙂

It took us 4 months to woo Smitha and Jesse into working with us; they were apprehensive about hiring a planner who lived in Toronto since their wedding was taking place in Rochester.  Smitha loved our design style and what she had seen on our blog but how was Sapna Weddings going to help them find their vendors without knowing their local market?  After months of talking on the phone and over email, Smitha and Jesse took a leap of faith and put us in charge of developing, sourcing and executing their wedding design.

Working remotely is not without its challenges.  We did tons of research into the Rochester area, called around, got references and visited several vendors to see who would be the best fit for the client and our long distance working style.  They had to be reputable and able to work well over phone and email.  After we sourced the vendors, we began working on the decor concepts for Smitha & Jesse.  They wanted an untraditional look, something clean and modern and were open to any and all of our suggestions on colour, design and overall look and feel.  We developed their colours schemes, designed their custom made mandap and put together EVERY element of how the room looked – from the draping to the florals and the stools they sat on for their ceremony, the entire concept was built to create a unique wedding look.

Side note: Smitha was my perfect bride.  We bonded over wine and Mexican food the first time we met after months of working over email :).  She was super nice, flexible and easy to work with.  She could make quick decisions but ultimately always took our advice and really leaned on our expertise.  She allowed us to work with little direction but we didn’t finalize a thing without her approval.  The event had to look like something she loved and it was our job to bring it all to life.  She trusted us completely and everything was better because of that.

I feel like I could ramble on forever about this couple, our experience and their wedding but I’ll share the fun stuff now.  The wedding and reception could not have gone better – perfectly planned and executed with a BEAMING bride and groom at the end of it all.


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