OMG…we LOVE Jaipur

Picture getting married with a backdrop of clear blue skies and gorgeous mountains surrounding you in a true king’s palace – wow!  Dreams can come true; this  past weekend’s wedding extravaganza in Jaipur was like nothing we have experienced before…


In serious Bollywood movie style, the mehndi celebration at Chomu Palace was one to remember.  Flower strings hanging from the trees, fountains, mehndi stations and stunning floral designs on the ground, the setup team worked overnight to pull together the perfect look for the morning mehndi.  As the guests arrived, they were greeted by authentic Rajestani folk dancers who performed to the drummers and got the dancing started.

Our mehndi favourites: a live tarot card and palm reader and a “choose your own bangle” station that was arranged to allow the guests to pick bangles to match their outfits!



In North America, the grandest baraat we do would have an elephant and possibly a live band.  In Jaipur the baraat is incomplete without adding two horses and two camels to start things off!  As stunning as this was, it didn’t compare to the poolside ceremony we had at Samod Palace.

Our ceremony favourites: fresh tropical juices served by the wait staff during the ceremony and lounge areas setup near the mandap for the close family to relax on




Back at Chomu Palace, there really was no need for any décor, the beautiful courtyard within the palace was better than any set designer could have put together.  Our bride and groom entered to a huge applause as the guests celebrated their last night in wedding paradise.

Our reception favourites: live fireworks as the bride and groom cut their cake and the DJ killing it with Deadmau5.  Seriously, Deadmau5 in India – sick.


Our next proposed destination wedding location – Shiv Vilas, Jaipur (  Call us if you’re interested…

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