Nimmy & Hunny – Aug 7 & 8, 2009

Nimmy & Hunny got married on Aug 7 at Le Jardin and held their beautiful reception at Speranza Banquet Hall on Aug 8.

Aug 7, 2009

After months of planning and a 6 page schedule of events, Hunny made it tough for us to stay on track as he showed up 2 hours late to the wedding!  What made things especially challenging was that the hall needed us to leave at a certain time to get ready for their next event and starting 2 hours late put us in a very difficult position.  Speeding up an event is always tricky especially since you still want the family to enjoy the event without pushing too hard to move things along but we still need to be conscience of the time.  Nimmy’s sister Jas was a HUGE part of the planning process but on her sister’s wedding day she was busy participating in parts of the ceremony and hosting their guests.  We worked very hard and very fast on our feet to make some tough decisions that helped get us back on track.   Apart from a few minor set up glitches that we fixed with the hall, we were able to get back on track believe it or not for our scheduled time of 4:00pm for the doli ceremony.

Aug 8, 2009

What a gorgeous reception!  The decor was amazing and we helped with the table settings and lines to pull together a beautiful event.  Our biggest challenge that evening was dealing with client choosing to bring their own alcohol but not being able to keep up with the demand at the bar.  Bringing your own alcohol to your wedding is a great way to save money but the people who are responsible for dropping off the alcohol better be ready to manage the bar stock all night.  Alcohol must be dropped off early in the afternoon to make sure it has time to chill and someone MUST be by the bars all night to make sure bottle count is managed correctly.  That person or people won’t be able to partake in the reception to the fullest, something that most people don’t fully understand.  This is why we recommend Last Call Alcohol Management as they give you all the financial benefits of BYOB without the hassle of managing the purchasing, storage, transport and distribution at the event.

The evening program was long even for an Indian wedding, we had 6 family performances and a series of speeches.  Our team did a great job making sure all of the performers were changed and ready to go, the DJ tested all the music and had the order of songs correct and queued each performance so that the audience saw a flawless event.

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A real big shout out to Jas, we loved getting to know you, you are amazing!  Here is Jas’s feedback on our performance

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