Gemma & Kartik – June 23, 2013 – Bellvue Manor

One thing I have to say is that writing these blog posts bring back memories of amazing clients that we truly connected with.  Gemma & Kartik definitely fall into that category.  After Gemma’s wedding got rained out on June 22, we were really sad to see a truly good person feel so disappointed about her wedding day.  It was out of everyone’s control and the rain just kept on coming down on the beautiful grounds at West River Event Centre but Gemma & Kartik’s loyal guests sat in the rain to witness their wedding.  What a testament to how much everyone cared about this couple.  I spoke with Gemma later that night as she got some rest before her reception day and tried to say what I could to make her feel better.  I promised that the reception would be everything she dreamed of and that our plans for big party were going to wow her.  Talk about pressure!

With Diya Decor designing the stage, we had worked closely with Gemma to get her approval on our vision of orange, white and blue for a crisp and clean look for the tables.  We created a round centrepiece but placed the flowers asymmetrically to really help to bring out the pop of orange we were going for.  A spectacular lobby like Bellvue Manor’s doesn’t need much to wow, but we added a few unique touches like a huge tree filled with mokara orchids, picture banners to highlight the couple and one of our favourites – a champagne station garnished with orange popsicles, all these helped tie the evening look together.  Looking at pictures from this event still brings a smile to our faces 🙂

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