Ankita & Nick – June 19, 2010

Ankita & Nick hired us pretty much right after their engagement as they were looking for full support for their wedding.  We sat down and assessed their needs and budget and began to recommend some vendors that were a great fit for them.  Ankita & Nick did their own search as well and we were there to advise them on new vendors, giving our opinion on their work, pricing and quality.  Regardless of whether we had worked with the vendors before or not, we did work hard to negotiate the absolute best rates possible, saving our couple over $1400.

Throughout the planning process both Nick and Ankita were heavily involved.  We would be communicating with them on a daily basis, providing support and answers to all of their questions.  We were a tremendous source of support and had the couple feeling as though no issue was unsolvable.

The wedding day itself was complex, with a church ceremony in the morning, pictures with the family, a Hindu ceremony in the afternoon and cocktails/reception to follow!  Lots of setup and logistics involved to make sure everything was on time and ready for each event.  We had to be absolutely on point to make sure it was all organized and for anyone who has ever been inside West River can hopefully understand how confusing it is!  We were running through kitchens, multiple halls, different floors, directing family and guests, essentially the captains of the day J.

The event itself was amazing; everything Ankita and Nick expected it to be.  Our bride looked stunning and handled the pressure of 3 outfit changes very well.  They both gave us a greatvideo testimonial and referred our services to several friends of theirs – who all booked with us as well, so a SUPER HUGE thank you to Ankita and Nick!!  Our email inbox is empty without you :)….

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