Amanda & Thomas – Aug 15, 2009

Our biggest wedding of the year so far, Amanda & Thomas had over 750 guests attend their wedding reception at Payal Banquet Hall.  Managing such a large group of people required our planning team to arrive 3 hours prior to the event to ensure table set up was correct and the hall was on track for handling the large number of guests.

Amanda & Thomas got married eariler in the day at their church, went home to freshen up and take park pics and met us back at the hall just before their grand entrance.  The guests began arriving at 5:30pm and our biggest concern before the wedding day was managing a large guest count with arranged seating – what if extra people showed up?  How do we avoid a rush at the receiving tables with people looking for their seats?  Most importantly, how would the hall manage serving the planned family style sit down meal to so many guests?  In antipation of the food crisis that could occur, we had asked the hall to provide the correct number of servers for the evening and when we arrived and noticed that there were not enough people to manage the event, we worked with the hall managers to get the appropriate number of waiters for the food service.

Managing a bridal party of 14 is hard work!  Considering the numbers, we offered to do a wedding reception rehearsal for everyone just to make sure the party knew their order of entrace, where to stand after they enter and how to file into their seats.  These may seem like small items but these are the details that make the difference between a polished event and a messy one.  The wedding rehearsal was a successful one and on the reception day everyone was ready and knew exactly what to do, no hitches.

Throughout the evening the most popular thing (besides the ice bar) was the video congratulation booth set up by the videographer.  Guests had an opportunity to have a seat and give their best wishes to Amanda & Thomas, something the couple would be able take home and enjoy forever.  This is a great way to have a personal touch from your guests in a wedding where you might not be able to talk each and every person attending.

Thanks to both Amanda & Thomas who have already begun to refer us to their friends!  We have signed one of them for 2010 and are looking to sign a few more.

Check out Amanda & Thomas’  thoughts on our services here.

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