Not everyone hires a wedding planner, but you will never find someone who has hired a planner and regretted it; however you will always find those who have not and wished they did!

Initially it may be difficult to see the value in having a wedding planner, but too often couples find themselves overwhelmed, frustrated and stressed out during the planning process and unfortunately, also on their wedding day.

At Sapna Weddings we strive to create your dream wedding from start to finish, taking the effort and stress out of the planning process for you.

Save money

With our vendor discounts and preferred pricing, you will get a better rate than if you were to approach vendors yourselves. We work closely and frequently with vendors and push them to give you their best price and best efforts. We also know how much services should cost and can give you expert advice for your budget.

Save time

Our experience planning dozens of weddings will save you countless hours of research. Why drive around trying to find what you are looking for? We will handle the screening and negotiating process if you like and in turn save you lots of time allowing you to focus on other things in your life such as family, work, finding a new home etc.

Save stress

Avoid the stress of making mistakes, wasting your valuable time on visiting numerous vendors and worrying about things going wrong on your wedding day. We will make the planning process easy and you will be confident that your most important day will be managed by experienced professionals.